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oh, how I hate being a n00b!

- someone, (including me)

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Happy birthday

Thank you.

Are you a time traveller?


I’m going to watch every Happy Tree Friends release even if it’s just a re-post, a remastered, or a blurb.


I wanted to create my own lists+notes+todo+bookmarks organizer and an RSS reader (read: fuck you Google). I really wanted to. Last night I was so enthusiastic about it thinking maybe I should start working tomorrow. Maybe I could start right now. Maybe one of my todo is to create my own todo organizer. OR maybe I should just stick with my vimwiki+git setup right now and feel satisfied.


On a side note, it really saddens me when I think of the good ‘ol Google Reader, I’ve given up looking for an alternative (and to some extent, better) RSS reader. It’s the best piece of software/service I’ve used besides GMail. But what can we do, when the Good Guys at Google says so?

And speaking of RSS, some says RSS is dying. RSS is being killed in favor of a better social platform. And wanted you to participate in their own blooming garden, yet filled with too much distraction you can’t get yourself out even if you wanted to.

RSS is there. They just don’t tell us it was there all along. In effect, they’re telling us it’s not being used. It’s true. How are people going to use it if they don’t know how to and what an RSS is for? Well, I don’t know. What I know is RSS defeats the purpose of Twitter and Facebook (and, ahem, Google+) as platform. So, yes, RSS must be killed.

Old news is old.

Just my two cents. Sue me if you care.

I’d just be the catcher in the rye and all. —The Catcher in the Rye

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